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Free Jazz and Improvised Music

A showcase & source for free jazz & free improv. Offering a catalog of vintage performance and contemporary New Music from the heart of the heartlands. Breaking the sound barrier to wake up your ears!


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New Releases

Free Jazz Posse
Free Jazz Posse
FM34   Conspire

Suite: Day Breaks For The Sleep Walkers
  Time To Face The Music
  Cliff Note Jump
  Occam's Kindest Cut
  Sweet Street Sunshine City
  Zig Zag Tag
  Spooky Action At A Distance
  While Chrome Burns

  Living In Science Fiction
  Creatures Of The Dream Garden
  Inland Islands

Requiem For Nostalgic Strategies
Small ensemble free improv/free jazz: A suite of explosive variations, anti-minimalist depth charges with lyric intermezzo. Plus intimate electronic trilogy for voice and free jazz winds. Plus Spontaneous Combustion St. Louis Style.

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The James Marshall Human Arts Trio
The James Marshall Human Arts Trio
FM36   Illumination

U City Blues
Life Light
Trio & small ensemble free jazz: This remastered 1980 recording with its additional, never before released 18 minute bonus cut, is dedicated to the memory of James Marshall, co-founder and driving force of the Human Arts Ensemble. It showcases his unique voice and improvisational style on alto, tenor and soprano saxophones. With drum set and percussion accompaniment, Marshall's solos range from lyric to incendiary, are profound and passionate in feeling, intelligent and exacting in execution.

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The Perihelion Quartet
The Perihelion Quartet
FM38   A Day at the Circus!

Tag Team 1
A Horse Of A Different Color
Pyrotechnic Dreams
Freaks Of Nature
Tag Team 2
Funtasm In The Round
Tag Team 3
Dangerous Turns
Above The Net
The Lion's Share
A celebratory cycle of free improvisations deriving and departing from the euro-classical avant-garde. Piano, percussion, reeds & cello are voices from the depths of uncivilized dreams proclaiming a fantastic bestiary, a surreal circus.

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Previous Releases

Andreotti / Mills / Stone
FM35   Triopolis

Rapid Disclosure
Underground Trajectories
Sticky Thorns
Collateral Insights
Inside Job
Forensic Mystics
A Close Call
Beyond The Threshold
Rays Of Gold
Invincible Intentions
Tag Team
Improvised music for cello, piano & reeds. On the edge, where the euro-classical avant-garde meets free improv. Not like anything else but if you like Cecil Taylor, Peter Brotzmann, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker, this might be your dinner music.

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Human Arts Ensemble
Michael Castro & The James Marshall Human Arts Ensemble
FM30   Needle of Light

St. Louis Blues Revisited
Lotsa Laffs
Short Shots
Axman In the Woods in Winter
Nuclear Madness
Superman: An American Adam
Previously unreleased old school free jazz avant-blues, & theatrical constructions by The James Marshall Human Arts Ensemble with original poetry & vocals by Michael Castro. Recorded in a variety of live concert & studio settings, this is deep roots performance poetry 30 years before it became a fashion & acquired a name.   [READ MORE]

Squid Choir Orkestra
Squid Choir Orkestra
FM31   Infinite Circus

Infinite Circus
Radio Grace
The World Itself Cries Out
Electronic free improv derived from a darkly industrial sound pallet of unnamed mutant colors, destructured musical elements & extended instrumental techniques combining to create a deeply textured, high voltage electric odyssey. Squid Choir Orkestra features Jeremy Melsha, Dave Stone, Ajay Khanna, Jay Zelenka, Aaron Smith & Derek Leu.   [READ MORE]

Freedonia Music Sampler vol. 1
FM32   Ghost Machines

Invocation, excerpt
Sonaire: Subterranean Forrest
Midnight In The Garden
Festival for the Destroyer of Illusion
Blue Oktober
Ghost Machine Treasons
Suspended Sentence
The Man Who Looked Into Coltrane's Horn
Freedonia Music presents Ghost Machines, a showcase of vintage & contemporary recordings of avant-garde, free jazz & free improv artists from St. Louis USA. Featuring performances by The Human Arts Ensemble • EXILES • The Free Jazz Posse • Squid Choir Orkestra • JD Parran • Michael Castro • Greg Mills • Dave Stone.   [READ MORE]

FM33   Lifeline

Blue Arcana
Revelation Space 2
Voices In The Mirror
Revelation Space
Naissance In Cloud Forest Dream
Intimate improv duets & trios for voice, baritone sax & electronic alto sax featuring the stellar vocals of Georgian rock/pop cabaret singer Lika Shubitidze. A journey of exploration & discovery beyond the borders of song where voice becomes instrument and music becomes revelation. A joyful noise!   [READ MORE]

FM26   KalimbaMania

Global Dance
The Upper Room
Les Sons De Bali
Raga Siva
Rio Gango
Oriental Garden
Old World Raga
Lyrical passionate & compelling music explores exotic structures & tunings in this digitally remastered reissue from 1989. In a surprising extension of their unique vision, EXILES reinterprets the ancient indigenous Kalimba in a contemporary improvisational context.   [READ MORE]

Human Arts Ensemble
The James Marshall Human Arts Ensemble
FM25   Autonomous Oblast

Remembrances of the Present
Big band old school free-blowin' free jazz from the James Marshall Human Arts Ensemble. Featuring rare performances by Maurice Malik King, James Marshall, Luther Thomas, Thurman Thomas, Jim Miller, Carl Arzinia Richardson, Papa Glen Wright, and others. Recorded in 1975 & digitally remastered from the original studio tapes.   [READ MORE]

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Castro / Parran
Michael Castro and JD Parran
FM29   Kokopilau

A Poet Who Died Young
The Man Who Looked Into Coltrane's Horn
The Creed of the Seed
The Kokopilau Cycle
A ceremony of the ancient future celebrating a 30 year collaboration between multi-instrumental Horn Master JD Parran & Warrior Poet Michael Castro that began with the St. Louis Black Artist Group & The Human Arts Ensemble in the 1970's. Retelling mythic tales of life death & rebirth with voice, tenor sax, indigenous hand crafted instruments and postmodern techniques. A spontaneous bop kabbalah.   [READ MORE]

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Greg Mills
Greg Mills

One for Ives
Raga Vishnu
Chorale & Variations
Piece for Two Pianos
Improvised music for solo piano. Mills' 1984 classic digitally remastered from the original studio tapes.

"... drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as 'cool' jazz, a variety of non-Western musical cultures and the early- and mid-20th century avant-garde schools...Mills' playing radiates a high level of intensity...a rhythmic vitality that catches hold of the listener instantly and never lets go, a sense of timing that's utterly sure and secure, a virtuosity that sets the keyboard ablaze. He's an exciting pianist."

--James Wierzbicki, St. Louis Globe-Democrat   [READ MORE]

Castro / Catalano
Michael Castro and Joe Catalano
FM28   Endless Root

Poetry Is
Freedom Ring
The Ants
Deep Mirror
Chump Change
Heraclitis Got It Right
Performance poetry with music. From a 1996 concert featuring multi-instrumentalist Joe Catalano and renowned writer/performer Michael Castro in a profoundly intimate & empathetic series of originals.   [READ MORE]

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Dave Stone
Dave Stone
FM23   Dave Stone Solo

There Is A Little Man Inside
Behind Ceiling, Walls
and more...
Jazz tenor-man par excellence' solo excursion for multi-reeds (tenor, soprano, & baritone sax; alto, soprano, & bass clarinet.) Stone's music is urgent and relentless. A cycle of highly organized spontaneous compositions deeply rooted in both jazz and free-music improvisational traditions.   [READ MORE]

Squid Choir Orkestra
Squid Choir Orkestra
FM17   Fractured Infinity

Ghost Machine Treasons
Saucer Secrets
Blind Science
City On The Dark Side Of The Moon
Happy Gargoyles
Electric eclectic free jazz. Sax-assault space-scape electronic iterations. Post-nuclear sonic geographies from the Thunderdome on the Dark Side of the Moon. Power Electronics! Free-Fall Levitation!   [READ MORE]

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Free Jazz Posse
Free Jazz Posse
FM18   Fanfares For The Noh Age

Yer Fly's Wide Open...
Midnight In The Garden
Move 1
Downstreet Serenade
Move 2
Nothing Holding Up The Sky
Current Again
A free jazz suite for wind ensemble and guitar portrays a lush sound-scape densely alive with dark voices and interwoven motifs, a haunting vision illuminated by humor, irony and immanent hope. A cycle of fast slow-songs celebrating a requiem and rebirth: midnight in the garden....   [READ MORE]

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Stone / Zelenka / Mills
Dave Stone, Jay Zelenka, Greg Mills
FM19   Premonitions

Cryptic Triptych
Unknowing Is
Next Age News
Suspended Sentence: Rainman's Outta Prism
New Earth Dreams
Orchestral music for ensemble winds, piano and percussion. Prepared piano duets. Straight ahead trios for piano and saxophones. Twisted haiku for piano, synths, sax mouthpieces and trombone. Saxophone Chorus. Composed improvisations blur the boundaries between preconception and spontaneous execution. Music without firewalls.   [READ MORE]

FM20   From The Edge

Sonaire: Subterranean Forest
Music Of The Ancient Future
From The Edge
Into The Dark
Sonaire: The End Of Time
Sonaire: Forbidden Planet
Festival For The Destroyer Of Illusion
Orchestral compositions for non-orchestral instrumentation and duet free-improvisations. This is the 'Best of Exiles' vol. 1, culled from their previous 7 releases and documenting a twelve year history of recording and public performance culminating in the 1990 Leo Records release, Stranded In Paradise. Hear the result of this extensive collaboration in an evolving vernacular unique even to the experimental realm of New Music.   [READ MORE]

Greg Mills
Greg Mills
FM21   Blue Oktober

Sonata for 2 Pianos:
1. Fanfares For The Uncommon Man
2. Etude Fantastique
3. BerSeusse
4. Enclaves
Klavierstucke I
Blue Oktober
Formation II
Klavierstucke II
Secret Passages
and more...
Improvised music for piano: solo, duos, trio multi-tracks and percussion: Blue Oktober exists beyond style, genre or influence. Here are the seasons-between-seasons: a musical syntax uniquely self-referential in the most creative sense; a private personal language everyone knows. Dazzling keyboard technique in the service of daring passionate communicative improvisation. Intelligent and compositionally sophisticated. Tears It Up! Lays It Down!   [READ MORE]

FM22   Stranded In Paradise

In Corpor And Es
Sonaire: Subterranean Forest
Outside The Gates part 1
Outside The Gates part 2
Temple Of Fire
New World Raga
Sonaire: Forbidden Planet
Exiles' music features indigenous (nonwestern) and contemporary instrumentation, free jazz sensibilities and post-modern euro-classical influences:

"Amalgamating influences so diverse as to create new approaches to composition and a previously unimagined vocabulary of expression. Time suspends itself. The antidote to artifice."

--Marc S. Tucker, Liner Notes

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