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Free Jazz and Improvised Music

FM20  From the Edge

Sonaire: Subterranean Forest (5:12)
Music Of The Ancient Future (4:57)
Scherzo (4:15)
Estellarisations (7:00)
From The Edge (3:51)
Into The Dark (5:00)
Currents (3:18)
Sonaire: The End Of Time (6:29)
Bhakti (4:47)
Mantra (9:23)
Perihelion (5:40)
Sonaire: Forbidden Planet (5:07)
Festival For The Destroyer Of Illusion (4:36)

Total time: 69:41

All music by EXILES: Jay Zelenka & Greg Mills
Recorded: 1984-89
Remixed & remastered at Krazy Kat Studio:
Jay Zelenka, engineer.

Cover photo courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech
Design: Tony Patti
Produced by: JZ & Freedonia Music
© (P) 2006 Freedonia Music

Greg Mills: piano, prepared piano, celeste, synthesizer, vibes, violin, melodica, bongos, percussion.
Jay Zelenka: flute, wood and bamboo flutes, whistles, animal calls, alto saxophone, kalimba, vibes, prepared piano, percussion.
From The Edge presents a best of EXILES selection from the Esfoma Recordings label (1984-1989) with additional music from EXILES 1990 Leo Records CD, Stranded In Paradise plus their previously unreleased last recording, Mantra for piano and percussion. These tracks are improvised performances recorded live, in one take. Overdubs (on the multitrack orchestral cuts) are duet improvisations utilizing (unconventional) charts and strategies to define the layered recording of successive live performances.

"Exiles have destructured standard musical notions so radically that the mind is mainlined imagery as immediate and lush as any Rousseau painting and as mystic as the best of Turner or Blake." --Marc Tucker, Concrete Dreams
"While the high energy sound the duo produces owes a certain allegiance to various ethnic, jazz and classical is easiest to respond to the sheer vitality of Exiles playing...Mills and Zelenka's improvisations are stimulating both viscerally and intellectually, well worth the attention of adventurous listeners." --James Werzbicki, St. Louis Globe-Democrat.

Reviews of EXILES' previous releases on the Esfoma Recordings label

On Breaking The Spell: "...throbbing living music, a sterling blend of technological tools, strong technical skills and humanistic impulses" --Milo Fine, Cadence, 1987
On The Only Cure: "A unique blend of world fusion with a hard , wild avant-garde jazz edge...The Only Cure demands and rewards a special kind of listening." --Kenneth Warrens, WKJC-FM Play List, 1986
On Dangerous Music: "Jay Zelenka and Greg Mills kick ass with incalculable fury. But, the mania is 100% inspiration, lacking any misplaced notes or filler, tempered with shrewd and provoking delicacy...a monstrously capable piece of music noir..." --Marc Tucker, Camera Obscura, 1989
On The Wrong Planet & Music Of The Ancient Future: "...beautifully abstract dialogues, a melt of the most colorful and exciting ideas...All improvised music should be this good." --Tom Furgas, Option, 1989
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