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Free Jazz and Improvised Music

FM33  Lifeline
Shubitidze / Zelenka / Stone

1. Blue Arcana 4:41
2. Revelation Space 2 3:43
3. Voices In The Mirror 5:03
4. Gondwana 14:20
5. Revelation Space 1 3:39
6. Walkabout 3:55
7. Naissance In Cloud Forest Dream 9:30

Total time 44:51

Recorded live without overdub: 2009
Recording& Mix: JZ
Cover Art: Spyros Karayiannis
Text Layout: Aaron Parente
Produced by Jay Zelenka/Freedonia Music

Lika Shubitidze: vocals
Jay Zelenka: alto sax electronically modified
Dave Stone: baritone sax on 1 & 6
We are the very strangest of strange attractors, filled with darkness and filled again with light, with history & mystery. We were on a magic journey of awareness, a path of evolvement, but somewhere along the way we were hijacked; our entire world intentionally & temporarily diverted. The lifeline has always been with us on this magic journey, invisible as cause, witnessed only as effect and seen best in acts of creativity, kindness, love, communion, compassion; in the universal human hunger for freedom, sovereignty & self-expression. The lifeline is impalpable & immaterial. Like music you cannot hold it in your hand, only in your heart. Like music it is a vibrational bridge between the physical and nonphysical. All music demonstrates this natural miracle to some degree just as all people carry within them the lifeline secretly sustaining their reality, some more aware of this natural miracle than others. We mostly live our lives like shadows on a wall and take for granted the light which casts us.

Creative improvisation, free improvisation, intuitive improvisation is that music outside the realm of everything we already know, outside the language of all we have named; it is not the music of the ego or the self or the culture we collectively carry & create. It is the music unknown until birthed. While purity is largely a myth, I would argue for at least a purity of intent: By virtue of its spontaneous unpremeditated nature, improvised music like improvised life is closer, more purely of the lifeline. Its magic is obvious: the instantaneous creation of something from nothing. In this we may at least approach a purity by which strangers become intimate & transparent, creating (and of necessity simultaneously destroying) a place of truth and revelation. At its best, free improvisation manifests the archetype of community & communion, a democracy of spirit & a religion of experience devoid of doctrine & dogma; a place where everyone fits at no one's expense: making music together.

So it is, in this world gone wrong we still have a magic that works, a music intending the magic journey that creates the magic journey: This is our lifeline, our escape to reality...may it for a moment be yours as well.

When Lika and I first discussed recording, my electronic free improv group Squid Choir Orkestra had been doing monthly shows at the Way Out Club. Having heard her sing, I initially thought of music deeply layered and definitely acoustic; something for the jazz singer side of her voice. Lika, a seasoned professional singer and highly original songwriter in a rock/pop cabaret vein surprised me insisting on the edgy electronic saxophone she'd heard at the Squid Choir shows, her voice used instrumentally without lyrics. This was an adventurous departure for her and an easy sell for me. The resulting music documents an organic process of shared revelation and speaks for itself; eloquent if strange, idiosyncratic, deeply personal & intimate, not pretty yet often terribly beautiful, insistent & authoritative. An uncommon & joyful noise!

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