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Free Jazz and Improvised Music

FM34  Conspire
Free Jazz Posse

    Suite: Day Breaks For The Sleep Walkers
  1. Time To Face The Music 5:12
  2. Cliff Note Jump 4:50
  3. Occam's Kindest Cut 5:08
  4. Sweet Street Sunshine City 7:39
  5. Zig Zag Tag 2:48
  6. Spooky Action At A Distance 5:21
  7. While Chrome Burns 3:22

  8. Triptych
  9. Living In Science Fiction 5:55
  10. Creatures Of The Dream Garden 7:05
  11. Inland Islands 5:50

  12. Requiem For Nostalgic Strategies 12:49

Total time 65:58

Conspire: from Latin conspirare, literally "to breathe together".
-- Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper
Recorded live: 2010 & 2011
Recording & mix: Jay Zelenka
Mastering 2016: Tazu Marshall & Jay Zelenka Produced by JZ/Freedonia Music
Cover art: James Marshall © 2016

©(P) 2016 Jay Zelenka/Freedonia Music All rights reserved.
Made in St. Louis USA.

Ajay Khanna: laptop computer
Derek Leu: electric guitar
Jeremy Melsha: trombone
Taka Ota: bass clarinet & laptop computer (track 1)
Lika Shubitidze: voice (tracks 8,9,10)
Chris Smentkowski: electric guitar (track 11)
Aaron Smith: synthesizer (track 11)
Dave Stone: baritone, tenor & soprano sax; alto & bass clarinet
Jay Zelenka: alto & soprano sax, alto sax thru electronics (tracks 8,9,10)
A suite of explosive variations, anti-minimalist depth charges with lyric intermezzo. Plus intimate electronic trilogy for voice and free jazz winds. Plus Spontaneous Combustion St. Louis Style.
The Free Jazz Posse plays uncompromising 100 percent free improvisation without gestures toward musical genres or formats. Playing together for well over a decade the core group of wind players--Melsha, Stone,and Zelenka--continue to create a tight and original exploration of instrumental possibilities. CONSPIRE opens new territory with singer Lika Shubitidze on several pieces. Her wordless vocals blend with electronic saxophone, synths and acoustic winds in intimate and passionate conversations. Aaron Smith and Ajay Khanna have traded those clarinets heard on the earlier Freedonia release, Fanfares for the Noh Age, for keyboard and laptop synths. Here they join guitarist Derek Leu in creating an open multitimbral sonic palette.

The Free Jazz Posse represents through its collective creative music a total commitment to freedom & choice and the requisite responsibilities, socially and artistically.
On their previous release, Fanfares for the Noh Age, critics wrote:

"...we're in presence of improvisation of the finest calibre, the kind of stuff whose clarity-in-chaos articulation level is so high that many of these enthusiastic bursts really sound composed. The performers push their own vision forward determinedly as if ostracized by the establishment, trying to persuade us about the utter artistic validity of the concept. They fill the air with notes, but saturation is not reached; the geometries can be fractured, or entirely delineated. Every move appears well-considered, the sense of liberation perceived throughout regulated by the awareness of the necessary room for each player to express a diverse mental picture. A collective texture designed by distinctive entities, exhilarating music for splitting the brain into seven imaginary scores to follow. All of this leads to sincere esteem on this side of the speakers." --Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes, February 23, 2011

"(Free Jazz Posse) gambles on music that is honest, direct and most of all, highly creative…When the band slows down their break-neck pacing for a few minutes, they begin to resemble a contemporary new music ensemble. Forget about tempos, charts or written music, this is some serious, fully improvised music from the get-go. The knack that each of these seven members possesses is a set of keen ears that closely listens to what the others are playing. The fervor, the drive and the passion is heard from beginning to the record's end. In chaos, there is light. Structure comes to life when you least expect it. Free Jazz Posse holds the key to this multi-faceted world." --Tom Sekowski, The Live Music Report, May, 2008
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